At ONDA, we uphold an ideology where consistent and high-quality service meets each customer. Because we have as many diverse and talented artists as there are in the house, each one has their own unique touch, work experience, and desire to advance in their career. To honor this ideology, ONDA offers a tiered pricing structure. Yet, we are all united by at least one thing - we share a common passion for beauty! So you can rest assured that you will always receive a service tailored to your needs from us.

Trainee Artist is nearing the end of their studies or have recently graduated as a professional in the field. A Trainee working at ONDA is passionate about the industry, possesses a visual ability to perceive the world and is exceptionally talented. Working under the wing of a more experienced professional the Trainee receives guidance as needed, hand in hand, to develop into a top-notch expert in the field.

Jr. Artist have been in the industry for quite some time now. While already a professional, their experience is not yet extensive across all areas. The Jr. Artist has shown incredible ability and eagerness to develop both technically and creatively. More experienced Artists at ONDA are available to assist in their career development as needed.

Artist  is a versatile and creative professional who utilizes various techniques. They have a broad client base and several years of developmental experience in the field..

Senior Artist have more extensive and longer work experience than the Artist. They have systematically developed themselves throughout their career. The Senior Artist have a large client base earned through their skilled work. Their confident and creative approach is consistently present in their work

Lux Artist is a top professional in the field with extensive experience. The Lux Artist is exceptionally talented, efficient, and versatile in their work, and they contribute to shaping ONDA's operations. They lead the team and help other Artists advance in their careers.

We reserve the right to change prices